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It the beginning of Year 2013, Lash Perfect launched Hi Brow professional eyebrow styling products and education. Little after that Lash Perfect "upgrade" whole brow styling and launched Brow Perfect brow extensions for professional Salon use.   

Hi Brow Professional provides the therapist or technician with a range of professional products and retail items to design a tailor-made eyebrow for each individual client based on their face shape, hair colour, age and individual expectations. Brow styling is A unique eyebrow salon service suitable for every client whatever their age, face shape or image. 

AND together with  Brow Perfect brow extensions you will take Professional eyebrow styling to the next Level!

Brow Perfect is a innovative new salon treatment will give you the opportunity to recreate depth and dimension to eyebrows by applying individual brow hairs both directly onto the skin and onto existing brow hairs.

Learn how to fill gaps, define shape, add volume or create a brow where there is no hair.