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New from the lash and brow experts at Lash Perfect
LoLa Brows is a unique new salon and spa treatment which sculpts and builds the brow with bespoke colour for three dimensional brows to frame and shape the face, lasting up to three weeks. Bespoke to each client’s needs, it’s perfect for sparse or over plucked brows, to fill in gaps or to build a dramatic brow shape for a bold fashion-forward look.

The introduction of LoLa Brows builds on the many years of expertise from the team behind Lash Perfect, Hi Brow and Brow Perfect, ensuring that salons and spas benefit from the very best formulas and medical grade adhesives. With internationally renowned training in advanced brow techniques, Lola Brows is the new “must-have” brow treatment for salons.

Building both brow shape, volume and thickness, this multi-layering sculpting treatment uses a new specially formulated gel mixed with pigment powder to create a colour and look that is as unique as each client. Applied to the existing brow or directly to the skin, the transparent gel used in the LoLa Brows treatment is light reflective and thickens the individual strands of hair with a realistic, natural look.

Waterproof and smudge proof, LoLa Brows achieves a result akin to semi-permanent make up without the need for needles, it’s totally non-invasive and takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Once the brow area is thoroughly cleansed, LoLa Brows begins with Brow Base Gel, which is then mixed with Hi Impact Base additive and one of six intermixable Colour My Brows powders. The sculpting brow gel is applied with fine applicator instruments, (fine wire wands which are flexible and vary in size according to the desired effect). Fine brows require particularly fine wands. The wand thickness increases to build and sculpt a more dramatic look.

Perfectly grooming in an instant, LoLa Brows works alongside the existing brow treatments from Lash Perfect, meaning Brow Perfect eyebrow extensions can be introduced if hair replacement is required and also in partnership with Hi Brow.