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A few years ago, Minx was an un-heard of fashion accessory. With stunning designs, metallic's and graphics that are simply unachievable with polish, gels, or acrylics, Minx Professional was a cut above the rest; a Brand that truly extends fashion to your fingertips.

Nobody could have imagined how Minx would take the nail and fashion world by storm; and surely there is very little likelihood that Minx could repeat the magic. As “they” say, lighting never strikes in the same place twice. But we at Minx are here to tell you, “they” are wrong.

We are extremely pleased to present to you today, a  product line that we believe will once again revolutionize the way the world does nails; MINX UNDERWEAR 

Minx Underwear is a flirtatious way to use Minx in easy nail art creations. Debuting with six sexy designs — All Tied Up, Smack It, Divinity, Boudoir, Garter, and Tickle My Fancy — the embellishments can be mixed and matched with each other to create an array of looks. Minx Underwear is thinner than full-coverage Minx for easy embedding, and additional designs will launch regularly. Minx Underwear can be used with any medium from gel-polish to acrylic to gel to polish, lasting as long as the medium in which it is embedded.